Eos Detail small.jpg


Embroidered illustration.




silk, cotton

Diameter 29cm

52 x 57cm

Eos was the Greek Goddess of Dawn who heralded the start of each day. She wore a gown decorated with flowers and had the youth and beauty of the immortal gods. However, she also had a dark side.

Should a young man ever happen to catch her eye, Eos would carry him off to her abode. She went through a number of lovers— some managed to escape and others, such as Orion, were killed out of mercy by the other Gods.

From these pairings she became mother of the four winds and the stars.

Much like Eos, female angler fish carry off their mates. Since the small fish live in such empty waters, there is no guarantee they will happen across another male. So, they fuse the male anglers to their bodies and continue on their way through the darkness.

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